Incoming and out-coming calls go straight to voicemail

When calling one specific number (my Boss) my calls will ring once and then straight to his voicemail.  When he calls me I get a quick half ring and missed call followed by a normal call I can answer he only experiences on call on his end.  Occasionally he's calls will go straight to my voicemail but no offten.  We have both called tech support, we both have checked call forwarding, blocked setting, reset network settings, and ran though some basic diagnoses with tech support.   This has been an ongoing issuse over many months and two different phones, pixel 2 and currently pixel 3.   unfortunately if this continues I will need to switch carriers. 

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Re: Incoming and out-coming calls go straight to voicemail
Customer Service Rep

We understand your frustration throughout this whole ordeal, Guy24. We know it is important not to miss your boss's phone calls. Do you happen to know if our Tech Support submitted a network ticket on your behalf?