Is anyone else having screen sensitivity issues?

When playing golf game, the ball shoots by itself. I attempted to aim and away it goes

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Re: Is anyone else having screen sensitivity issues?
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Screen sensitivity issues are not what we want for you. Allow us to troubleshoot. What make and model device do you have? When did this start? Are you experiencing the same concern when playing other games or performing other actions/tasks? Do you have a screen protector on your device? Has your device been exposed to any physical/water damage?



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Re: Is anyone else having screen sensitivity issues?
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Multi-touch bug in Android 8.1 will be patched in June

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Some Android devices, namely the Google Pixel 2and 2 XL, have been plagued by a strange bug since updating to Android 8.1. It screws the multi-touch capabilities of the device and pressing the screenwith two fingers simultaneously could register movements that hadn't even happened. The issue has most presence in games but can be spotted in some apps, too. It's a rather annoying bug and it can definitely ruin your smartphone experience