Late Visual voicemail notifications
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I've attempted to talk to several Verizon customer service agents about this & NONE of them have a remedy for this. I have a Pixel 7 Pro. My network signal strength at my home location is 2 bars at best but I'm on WiFi at home. I still have my Data turned on even when my Wi-Fi is to turned on at home. So, the issue I've been having is with my Visual voicemail & the missed visual VM notifs that I receive hours & sometimes a day later when I'm not on my Wi-Fi. I only receive these missed visual VM notifs if: 1) Once I leave my home location & get a better Verizon signal strength or, 2) Find an area in my house that has better signal strength (two bars if I'm lucky) and tap my Wi-Fi off temporarily so that I'm just on Data. Those two actions are the ONLY way I receive Visual VM notifs. 

Is Visual VM dependant on your Verizon signal strength even though I'm on WiFi at home? I've missed numerous important voicemails due this problem. And before I get asked "why don't you just dial *86?". Who really utilizes *86 when they have the Visual VM option? 🤷🏻‍♂️

My Wi-Fi capability is via Xfinity who I hate but they're reliable as far as strength.

Re: Late Visual voicemail notifications
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spharris73, my apologies to hear of this issue but help is here. I have sent you a Private Note for further assistance.