Long time customer, Not Happy.

My Pixel 4XL was having the battery issues that have been known for a while, so, I decided to upgrade to the Pixel 5. Timing was tricky as I was heading out on a work trip. I was informed, when ordering, that I would get it by Friday, March 19th, by 8:00 PM. I decided to trust them. MISTAKE. I ordered the phone, case, screen protector, and the wireless charger. What arrived, was the charger. FedEx says the entire shipment was delivered, as did the Verizon web site. After 20-30 minutes fighting with the "Verizon Assistant", I gave up, and requested a phone call. The guy was great, very helpful, but, informed me that, oops, the rest of the shipment was "unavailable". Really? How can you tell me 2 day shipping, then a day later, change your mind? Now I am messed up, on a work trip with a balky phone, despite dropping serious coin on a new one. This really terrible, and I am not happy. Had the Verizon rep on the phone not been so helpful and polite, I would have demanded a refund and gone looking elsewhere. Get your act together Verizon, I am STILL not happy. 

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