Message+ MMS long delay?

Has anyone else seen this with the Message+ app on the Pixel? I've used it as my default for the past couple of years across a wide variety of phones, had to give up my Note 7 and went with the Pixel XL. Normal SMS works fine, but if I send a picture it has an up to 5 minute delay where it just sits on sending. If I switch to using Google Messages picture messages go right through. If I put my SIM in another phone (a V20 in this case) and register Messages+ my picture messages go right through. I experience this on either cell or wifi, different locations too. I removed the app (deleting the cache first) and after a reboot installed again, same issue. I'm on Message+ 6.3.5 if that matters, the Pixel is on Android 7.1, Oct 5th security patch.

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