No 5G on Pixel 5s


I have two Pixel 5's and an Apple 11SE on my account and none of them have ever shown the 5G icon. I just got off chat with Verizon Support and they told me that my plan does not have 5G support. I have the New Verizon Plan Large 8GB. I then told and showed them that under my current Plan Description it clearly states that my plan includes Nationwide 5G.

Plan features
8 GB of Premium data: 5G Nationwide / 4G LTE

Verizon 5G Nationwide / 4G LTE data provides the high speeds and reliability you've come to expect. All lines on your account share this premium data each month.

They again stated that my plan did not include 5G which doesn't make sense since my plan features states Verizon 5G nationwide. So I gave up talking with them and thought I would post here before having to call in. Can someone with Verizon help with this?  Thanks...


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Re: No 5G on Pixel 5s
Customer Service Rep

Good morning. I am sure you would like to use your 5G speeds. I would love to help. Depending on when you got the plan will depend if you have the 5G Nationwide service. I can review your account to see if it is included or not. I have sent you a private message. -Amber