Nothing is easy with Verizon
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Verizon is making everything difficult. Their billing is squirrely. We have to spend HOURS on hold or texting our problems to a faceless person and wait for their replies. Our bill is getting astronomically high.  Our cell phone bill for 4 phones should not be $250-$350 a month yet they say there is no way to reduce it. We can't switch to another provider without penalty fees per phone. We don't get any benefit paying off our phones early. In fact, we are PENALIZED if we pay them off early because we don't get the trade in value they promised and other discounts cease. So we are literally trapped in a corner that only Verizon enjoys.  The stores being separated into ones that can help you and ones that just sell phones is ridiculous. How much more difficult can Verizon make things?!  Awful. Just terrible customer service yet we are stuck with them because of how much money they have us locked into. 

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Re: Nothing is easy with Verizon
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We know being able to get support and assistance with your billing is important, Lyric001. We can certainly help look into things and help you prepare for things in the future. To get started, please send us a Private Message. *Zaak