Why can't I get notifications to show in the top left corner anymore when phone is in lock mode?  Example: I used to get the email icon indicating I had a new email; now it's gone.  If my phone is on vibrate it will go off sometimes over and over, but I never know what the notice is for unless I physically go look at each app.  I have my setting so that it shows notifications over lock screen.   What am I missing????

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Starting off with checking your settings over the lock screen was a great place to begin, momrules6. I realize how important it is to know what those pesky vibrations are implying and I'm happy to help. Just to clarify though, are you able to see any notification icons in your notification bar once you unlock the screen? You mentioned needing to go into each individual app as well. How many email accounts and email applications are you using? Are you able to see notifications to show in the lock mode for other services, like texts or missed calls?


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