Oreo causing battery issues

I regret upgrading to Oreo, my battery drains a lot and defeats the purpose of having a Pixel now because having good battery usage was what it was known for. I want to swap my phone for another Pixel that still has Nougat. Can someone help with that? I'm trapped in an Oreo now.
Oreo also got rid of quickly managing cache storage, you have to delete the cache individually though each app which is tedious. I have a 32gb Pixel and clearing cache is essential to having enough storage space.

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Re: Oreo causing battery issues
Verizon Employee

I know having a reliable battery life is important. I rely on my battery life as well. I will be happy to get this addressed for you. Before looking into an exchange, I'd love the opportunity to fix this. Since the update, are you using the same manufacturer's charger to charge your device? Have you added any new apps since the software update? Are you closing out of apps when they are not in use?