Oreo on Pixel XL Network Signal

Upgraded last night to Oreo and began having lost network signal and no bars. Was random and continues this morning even though I'm with a 1/4 mile to mile of 3 cell towers. Before would have 3 or 4 bars now none sometimes but can still maintain a call. Sometimes get notification for a few seconds of no network signal. I tried enhance network option on and off with no change.

I also called Google and let them know I could talk to them with no bars showing for signal yet my app indicated it was -114 dBm. Another test was comparison to my wife's Pixel XL bought at same time as mine and has she not updated from Nougat to Oreo... she has no problems sitting right next to me.

I also noticed the new feature for WiFI "Turns On Automatically for preferred network" doesn't seem to work as I tired it both on and off after deleting all listed networks but mine and I still had to manually connect to my home WiFi network. Yes I tried restarting too.

Any one having same issues?

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