Pixel 2 WiFi Calling still broken
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The merged and locked my other threads with still zero solutions. My latest case at VZW got closed with "Our investigation determined the Verizon network is working properly and providing the expected service, but there’s a device related issue." They provided no hint what that "device related issue" might be. (Two phones with broken hardware? Two phones with a hardware design issue? Two phones with a software issue? Note that Google Lvl1 says that WiFi Calling is a completely VZW software app controlled feature.) There was a list of things to check (e.g., "remove the phone from its case", all of which have long since been considered, found correct, or not relevant.

Is anyone using Pixel 2s on Verizon WiFi Calling successfully? Is anybody having problems? Has anyone found any solutions?

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Re: Pixel 2 WiFi Calling still broken
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Was your problem ever rectified?  I followed your previous posts and note the same issue that you are having: My wife and I each have Pixel 2's, poor/no cell coverage in our homes, WiFi calling worked great for a while, then major problems. The only way to make/receive telephone calls is to restart the phone and then cross your fingers.  Frustrated!!