Pixel 2 XL Issues...

I'm having several issues with my Pixel 2 XL I purchased last month.

     Screen flashing - Upon unlock, lock, and when new notifications come in.

     Voicemail does not work. Get weird error message when calling my number. I see the missed call, but people cannot leave me a VM.

     25% of incoming calls result in the caller not hearing me. I can hear them perfectly, but they cannot hear me.

Really frustrated. Talked to Google this morning. Phone meets several RMA conditions. Does Verizon still provide refurbished phones as replacements? Phone is only 30 days old. Would not be happy with refurbished phone.


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Re: Pixel 2 XL Issues...
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LetsgoWVU23, the Pixel 2 XL is a great device to have. I am confident that we can resolve the flashing issue you're experiencing with your device and get your voice mail fixed as well. Devices purchased from Verizon wireless come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty that covers manufacturer defects. Your device would be replaced with a certified like new device if needed. How soon after you purchased the device did the issue with the blinking screen begin? Are you using Verizon wireless voice mail? Did you set up your voice mail by dialing *86?   


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