Pixel 2 XL incoming call answer problem

I've had this issue since I got my phone in November.  When the phone is opened and a call comes in, a small window drops down from the top of the screen with the caller ID and the option to Answer and Ignore (or something like that).  The problem is that when I touch the Answer button, the window disappears but it doesn't always answer the call.  I can either hear the call still ringing or feel it vibrating and have no option to answer the call.  You can pull down from the top and the same small window will open, but it takes me multiple tries to answer the call.  I have had calls go to voicemail because I can't get it done in time.  I've looked at several settings and read tons of forums and don't see anyone else having this problem or at least offering a solution.  Sometimes the calls come in as a full screen caller ID with an answer button at the bottom and those are no problem.  How do I get it to come in that way all the time?  Other than this, and the fact that my Google Assistant still doesn't work in my car (while connected to Bluetooth), I love my phone.  Seriously, love it.

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Re: Pixel 2 XL incoming call answer problem
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Lorbro69 We definitely want you to continue to enjoy your phone. When the box goes away but you don't connect to the call, do you lose connection? Have you noticed if this happens indoors/outdoors or both? Please make sure the software is up to date. Go to settings > system > about phone.


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