Pixel 2 google bundle Chromecast and Home Mini
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I purchased my Google Pixel 2 XL on 4/21/18 with the google bundle.  I was supposed to receive a Google Chromecast and Home mini 2-3 weeks after signing up for 2 months of youtube tv.  I have yet to receive them,  who do I contact about this?  Are they running behind on orders?  Has anyone else received theirs?

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Re: Pixel 2 google bundle Chromecast and Home Mini
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It is important to make sure that you receive your accessories that were part of the Pixel 2 promotion kattatonik916. Normally, it does take 3-4 weeks to receive your accessories in the mail. If you have not received them, please get in contact with our Rebate center at: 8444088471.

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