Pixel 2XL screen shuts off during a call
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My Pixel 2XL loves turning off the screen during phone calls and it's become quite frustrating. It started a few months ago and I came across something that mentioned some cases caused for a reason I can't remember. I ditched the case and it has, until a week or so, worked with no issues. Now, every few calls, during either incoming or outgoing calls, the screen will go dark and there's nothing I can short of holding the power button down until the phone resets. If you've had this happen and were able to get it to stop, what did you do?

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Re: Pixel 2XL screen shuts off during a call
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We see how inconvenient this can be, @bseacrist and we want to be sure that we help in any way we can. Having a device that you rely on is essential. Have you made any recent changes to your device? Do you have any software updates available to download? GeorginaG_VZW