Pixel 2XL wont open building front door

Our condo building has an intercom system for the front door, where a visitor enters a code to dial my cell phone.  After answering my phone, if I talk to the person and then press nine on my phone the door is supposed to open for the visitor.  But it doesnt buzz or unlock for the visitor.  HOWEVER, if I do not say anything to him, but just press nine on my phone it will buzz and the door unlocks for the visitor.  The iPhones in our building work just fine, and some other Android phones do too.  But my Pixel 2XL does not.  Anybody have an issue similar to this?  If so, how did you fix it?  Thanks.

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Re: Pixel 2XL wont open building front door
Customer Service Rep

As you are dealing with an external system connecting to your Pixel 2XL, a good option would be to contact the manufacturer of the intercom system to determine optimal settings for compatibility. It also may make a difference if you are using an application aside from the default phone application on your device. Another good thing to check would be to make sure your phone software is up to date. This can be checked by going to the Google Playstore and checking the section under updates. StanleyC_VZW