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Buyers remorse from the OtterBox Symmetry case and Verizon tempered glass screen protector I bought with the Pixel 3.

Phone fell off the kitchen counter and the screen split down the middle.  I have a second screen crack from impact with the car keys in my coat pocket.

I loved the OtterBox Commuter cases / screen protector I had on my old Samsung and LG phones.  Phones fell out of my pocket all the time, including multiple bicycle rides, and never had any phone damage.  Sadly, OtterBox doesn't make the Commuter case for the Pixel 3.  I figured the Symmetry was good enough.  OtterBox "certified" drop protecton can't doesn't mean much.

I've googled Pixel 3 cases and screen protectors and learned a couple of things.

  1. There are A LOT of Pixel 3 cases out there.  By and large, most appear be fashion accessories or offer only limited protection on par with the Symmetry that couln't protect the phone from a kitchen fall.
  2. Traditional "durable" names like OtterBox Defender, LifeProof, etc. don't provide as good protection on the Pixel 3 like they did on older phones.  Neither of the above include screen protectors and neither company offers an add-on screen protector in its place.
  3. "Recommendations" from web sites get very different reviews once you actually read Amazon comments from verified purchasers.
  4. Have we all fallen for the tempered glass marketing gimmick? Who doesn't keep their phone in their purse or pocket?  A screen protector should protect the screen from damage 

So, really, what I'm after is opionions from people that have had good experiences with Pixel 3 cases and screen protectors.  If I'm going to spend $300 to replace my screen, I want that to be my first and only time. I don't consider myself super-abusive, but I guess I'm as clumsy as a teenage boy.  I need a case that will protect the phone from drops on floors, parking lots, sidewalks, driveways and a screen protect the screen from stuff in pockets and purses (keys, lipstick cases, mascara cases, etc.).

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