Pixel 4 authentication failed
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I just purchased Pixel 4. Everything works great, but the hotspot.

Talked to Google people, they said this is a new thing that Verizon is doing, they are locking Hotspot and it need to be activated. I have had this kind of issue before.

It's been 3 weeks since I've been trying to get this issue resovled.

Verizon chat, simply doesn't work or interrupts right in the middle of the chat. Did the callback from Verizon after waiting 20 minutes for 3 times, it just hanged up. Finally after an hour wait got a hold of somebody. She said the issue will be escalated and be fixed by Saturday 12/21. So far nothing.

I'm very frustrated with this poor customer service and lack of response.    


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Re: Pixel 4 authentication failed
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Got the phone and haven't been able to fix the problem with any one through the tech line. Done the same things over and over and still nothing. And I'm expected to pay 50$ more for them to put this phone back because they sold me something that doesn't work. No 4g or 3g, and hotspot can't authenticate. We even removed the plan and re added it.