Pixel 4a eSim on postpaid plan

I purchased a Pixel 4a (NOT 5g) phone recently from Amazon and plan to use it on Verizon to replace my current S8. I used the Nano Sim slot to activate it on Telcel Mexico. Now I want to activate it for Verizon using the eSim but am hitting snags trying to follow the online instructions.

1. Can I activate this phone on Verizon using the eSim? My plan is postpaid, not prepaid. I can't find the 4a called out as an eSim supported phone - I sure hope I can activate it!

2. I tried online and saw a message saying I needed to change plans for using the 4a after I entered the imei number. Is that true, or was it possibly assuming I had a 4a 5G Verizon model?

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