Pixel 6 Not recieving texts

For the last 24 hours I have been unable to recieve text messages from any source.

My phone: Google Pixel 6(bought through verizon 16ish months ago), up to date OS, up to date Messages app.

Troubleshooting efforts:

  • Power cycling (at least 5 times)
  • Turning off RCS and then turning on again
  • turning off "Show iPhone reactions as emoji"
  • Uninstalling all Messages updates and reinstalling them
  • Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth

Basically I have tried everything that I have found online, short of a factory reset.

And I cannot call support, because I cannot fulfill the verification as I do not recieve the text message. Any ideas would be greatly appeciated.

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Customer Service Rep

Hello. We definitely want to make sure you are able to receive messages, and we will be glad to help. We contacted you on Private Note to further assist you. ~Geo