Pixel 6 audio and no help from customer service

Bought 2 Pixel 6's 12/20 to replace Pixel 3 and 4. Ever since we got them - outgoing & incoming phone call audio for connection has gaps, squeals, static - and strangely enough repeated phrases 2-3X.  My job (small town doctor in rural location) prevented me from returning to store 50 miles away until 33 days after purchase so no return. Worked through Google trouble shooting after salesman suggested - all the way to hard resets to no avail.  When Google wanted me to return phones prior to replacement (phone is my contact with hospital) called Verizon.  Went through 2-3 calls before finally offered replacement Pixels.  That pair does same thing. Got new Sim cards.  No help.

Of course have tried everything - turn off WIFI calling, turn off adaptive sound, ensure all security & software upgrades done.  Nothing helps.

Phones do this at home (with network extender), in Spokane with 5G, and in places with strong LTE.  Happens with incoming & outgoing calls.

I have had 2 guests here with Apple phone & Samsung - no problem.   Strangely another guest had a Pixel 6 only 2 months old - no problems in Denver at their home - but did SAME THING here.

Saturday finally reached another level 2 tech rep in business who worked through and told me we would be getting replacement Galaxy 21 FE.  Never got emails or tracking - so after 3 hours on phone today finally told my only option is this:

I can get 2 new Galaxy 21FE from Verizon for $700 each but still have to pay off the two Pixel 6 phones (about $650 total).  I can buy from another source and still have to pay off the two Pixel 6 phones.  He told me he requested his supervisor (someone who doesn't interact with customers) to waive that fee but answer was no.  "We cannot give that to everyone or we would go out of business."

So - I am looking at over $2000 to get two new phones that work. That is what Verizon is offering me after 19 years being their customer.  Or - I can use an upgrade with another phone on my plan - either my daughter, her husband, or one of my grandkids.   Right.

Whenever I can get another service I'm done........

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Re: Pixel 6 audio and no help from customer service
Customer Service Rep

gutsplitter, we definitely understand the concern that you are having issues with your Pixel 6s. To clarify, the replacements are doing the same thing? Was there ever a service ticket created for possible service issues in your area since the replacements were doing the same thing. Please respond to the Private Note, so we can get some more details to assist.