Pixel 6 pro pair with hearing aids, all sound comes through hearing aids
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Recently purchased the Pixel 6 Pro, and I use Phillips Hearlink hearing aids. When I pair the aids using bluetooth, all sound from the phone is routed through the hearing aids; ringtones, notifications, phone calls, music etc.  I previously used the hearing aids with a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and an iPhone 11 pro max. Both of those phones worked properly with the hearing aids. There is a Phillips app in the play store, when things are working properly, you can control the volume, or switch to a noisy environment mode. On the Pixel, all you can do adjust volume. Phillips support is non-existent.

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TinCanSailorDDG12, having the assistance needed on your hearing aid experience is vital. I will be more than happy to assist. Please share with me did you take advantage of our Verizon device protection? The reason I ask is that this gives you access to our Tech coach department for assistance with other equipment like your hearing aid.