Pixel - No sound during bluetooth calling only

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About 2 weeks ago, my bluetooth stopped working during phone calls.  It works for everything else, it connects and plays music, I can ask my google assistant questions or initiate directions.  I can even initiate phone calls handsfree.  However, as soon as the dialer starts the call, the line goes silent.  I can't hear them and they can't hear me.  I am required to talk on the phone for business and this is causing me serious issues.  I have deleted and re-paired my phone several times to my car to to other devices, such as bluetooth headphones.  It is all the same, it connects fine but does not allow voice to transmit over the phone with bluetooth.  I even tried using google hangouts and it still doesn't allow voice.  I also did a factory reset, still doesn't work.  Anyone else having this issue?  Any fixes?


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Re: Pixel - No sound during bluetooth calling only
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ZANCHESKA The Google Pixel is an excellent device, and I want to make sure that you enjoy all the great features. I'm sorry you're having problems with the Bluetooth feature. When did this begin? Have you made any changes your phone recently? Do you see any error messages on the screen when connected to Bluetooth? Share details. We are here to help.

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