Pixel Xl Delayed again!

  Seriously Verizon, 3 months to get a phone! Postponement after postponement. with an original order date of Oct 16th and now the latest ship date change from 12/9/16 to 1/13/17 which doesn't show up until the day after it was supposed to ship (12/9) ,so its an even bigger kick!  How could a company even bring the phone to market without enough stock or the knowledge it could be replenished quickly!  I've been with Verizon since the beginning and this is the most pathetic excuse for customer service I have ever seen either from them or any other company. HTC (the manufacturer of the phone) should be able to pump out thousands of these a day so why in the world would it take 3 months? ( Oct to Jan) Every single person on the earth is not using a Pixel and not with Verizon!

You should be ashamed and when you do finally ship our phones, Compensate us! Get with HTC Executives and do something about it!

Sadly disappointed!

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Re: Pixel Xl Delayed again!
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Actually Google should have ordered more devices in the original production run. Verizon or HTC had nothing to do that decision.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.