Pixel doesn't recognize when I plug aux cord in

Had the Pixel for about 5 months now and just about a week ago it started to sometimes not recognize an aux cord when I plug it in. Happens with any type of aux I use, headphones and car aux. Restarting usually works (sometimes doesn't) to solve the issue, however if I go for a long while without plugging an aux in it wont recognize it when I do. Sound will play straight through the speakers even when aux is plugged in. Also, idk if this is related or not but right around the same time I started noticing that sometimes when I try to wake the phone, it wont do so until after about a minute or so after I try to wake it. In fact, this usually happens whilst the aux cord is also not being recognized.

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Re: Pixel doesn't recognize when I plug aux cord in
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Thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this to our attention. We certainly want to look into what we can do to resolve this for you. Have you attempted to do a factory reset on the device?

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