Pixel no longer gets 3g/4g network services

As of yesterday I no longer get 4G/3G service only LTE. On multiple networks my WiFi connects but not to internet. I've cleared out my storage rebooted multiple times and have done everything the forums have recommended, including booting up in safe mode, same problem.

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Re: Pixel no longer gets 3g/4g network services
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LORTHU75, we always want you to have internet access on your phone. We are here to help. We are glad that you went out of your to researched that issue. However, when you state you did everything within the forums, we have no way of knowing what that included.


Since this issue started have you made sure your phone is completely up to date with the latest software for your phone? Have you installed any new apps around the time that this issue started?


Also, have you reset the Network Settings of your phone already? That specific portion of your phone is related to both your Cellular service and Wi-Fi connections. Here is a link to help you with that process http://vz.to/2viB0YP



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