Pixel xl burning chargers

Very disappointed with this phone!  I hooked it up to the charger after waking up thank god and it proceeded to burn my charger.  I smelled it burning, and immediately unplugged it and saw smoke rolling out of the cord.  Thinking the cord went bad i plugged it into a different charger same thing.  I CAN NOT be worrying about my semi burning, or not being able to contact the mechanics or my dispatch if something comes up.  This is a safety issue, an utterly ridiculous situation.  Pixels are having a problem with this, why is it not being fixed?  I’m not going to accept a refurbished phone as a replacement as I usually end up with a crappier phone paying for a brand new one, that’s rediculous.  If we can’t come to a mutually acceptable fix for this I’ll be going back to sprint. 

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Re: Pixel xl burning chargers
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Your safety and satisfaction is our priority! I regret to hear that you are dealing with these severe technical issues. It would be best to stop inserting the charger and take the device to one of our corporate retail stores found via http://www.vzw.com/storelocator as quickly as possible for further evaluation. 


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