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In September 2018 I got a two year contract with Verizon. 2 phone lines and total insurance. Come November 2018 my Google pixel 2 just shuts off,  refusing to turn back on or charge. No I did not damage it in any way.  I go to the Verizon store(8am on black friday) with my rude phone and they tell me my insurance will cover my phones repairs and a loaner. I had to go 4 days without a phone until I was sent a ups package with loaner phone(s8) and instructions to send in my original device. They provided the send of information, I just had to stick it on and send it off. For the months of January 2019, February 2019 and may 2019 I'm going into the store to track my phone only to be told tp go through my Verizon app, which tells me to go to the verizon store. A whole circle I'm running through with no help. Now in September 2019, I still have this loaner phone with no clue as to what's going on and if I'll ever get my original phone I paid for back. I was not trading in my gp2 for a new phone. Just a repair. I just want answers. Thanks to all in advance. 

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