Problems with Battery Replacement Claim with Asurion

We have Total Mobile Protection which, as of 11/7/2019 includes screen repairs and battery replacements. Asurion handles claims for device repais and replacements. Earlier today they told us that Verizon would replace the battery in one of our Google Pixel 2 phones at a Verizon store. Verizon does not do repairs at their stores. The staff at our local Verizon store told us that Asurion should provide us with battery replacement through a local authorized repair center. There is no way to enter a claim for a battery replacement on the Asurion website. When we called to report this issue, Asurion staff transferred us from office to office and finally back to Verizon.

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Does anyone know how to start a claim for battery replacement through Asurion? Verizon says that Asurion handles claims for repairs and Asurion says that Verizon does these repairs in their stores. We are paying $540 a year for this service and have been unable to get help from anyone at Verizon or Asurion. Thanks in advance for any help with this problem.

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Re: Problems with Battery Replacement Claim with Asurion
Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to read that you have not gotten the assistance you need in regard to your battery issue with your Pixel device. Tell us, what is going on with the device? Does the device have any physical damage?