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So i bought my unlocked google pixel over to verizon, i didn't even know about the 250$ rebate, i came to verizon for the better service. So the rebate was a bonus.  

I signed up for the $250 , did all that i needed to do and waited. After about 20 days and after talking to a rep, i decided to upgrade my phone, not even thinking about the rebate at that time, and the rep never mentioned it, i assumed i had done what i needed for the rebate.  So then the rebate got cancelled and i discovered that it was because i hadnt waited 45 days. So i chatted with a rep and told them that seems i was on a 14 day cooldown on my upgrade and new plan, that i would cancel it if i could get the rebate back on track. But the rep told me, no its okay, we will fix it, i will escalate it for you, don't worry. 

So i spoke to a rep again a second time, before my 14 day cooldown was up, he told me i wasnt getting a rebate because i hadnt waited 45 days. So again i offered to cancel my plan and upgrade, and again i was told, no , dont worry we will escalate it.

So my 14 day cooldown had gone by and i continuosly kept asking about the rebate and was continoulsy told they were escalating it, or that they had resubmitted it. 

So last time i spoke to a chat rep about 2 weeks ago, he told me it had been approved, and to wait 2 pay cycles and i would get an email about it. 

So i waited and nothing, then today i spoke to a rep and he told me that no, i wasnt qualified to get the rebate.

So all this time i have been lied to, strung along so i wouldn't cancel my upgrade, told different stories just to keep stringing me along.

Today i told the rep i would like a copy of the chats and he told me they dont save them, which is odd because other reps had told me they were looking at my old chats..

I,m just so annoyed and upset and how i have been treated and when the plan is up, im out of here, sad because i was so excited about joining verizon and told all my work buddies how good it was. 😞

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