I want to point out as others have done on this forum that Verizon's customer service is at an all time low. I ordered 2 Pixel 4 phones on October at the Verizon store in Hawthorne. One of these devices was a new line I added to my contract from AT&T, which at the time qualified for a $200 rebate. The staff at the store was extremely unprofessional and uninformative. My husband and I asked the store MANAGER if anything needed to be done to receive the $200 rebate. He wrote on a sticky note "FALLSWITCH" and to go on the website. He did not warn us at any point that this was time sensitive. I left on my honeymoon for a month and when I got back, attempted to enter the rebate, only to get an error message saying the 30 days I had to enter it were up. I called Verizon that day and spent over an hour with a representative that clearly wanted to just get me off the phone as quickly as possible. I let him know of my experience at the store and his response was, "that's why you have to buy things online nowadays." He told me the best he could offer me now was half the rebate ($100). When I asked why if it was clearly a miscommunication on their employees' behalf he said that's just the way it works. I will switch carriers the first opportunity I get. I don't appreciate paying more to be treated in this manner. 

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Re: Rebate
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We don’t want you to have to consider leaving the Verizon Wireless family, Cguzman24. It’s upsetting to hear about how things went for your recent phone purchase and that your expectations were not met regarding the $200.00 promotion. We’ll be sure to send your feedback to the Hawthorne store on your behalf. Please look for our Private Note, so we can discuss things in more detail.