Service Horrible in areas where it shoudnt
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I have been  a Customer of Verizon for a number of years now, and have had tons of different phones all which worked great. Then January of 2020 the serivce changed. I can no longer get data or internet on my device, nor can my wife... different phone.... Brother.... again different phone then the other two.... nor can i get my tablet to work or jet pack.. When i asked them about it, they told me that we were in a bad service area and it would cause in and out service.. which is funny Cause the phone has 4g LTE service 4bars but the bars have an X in them....Will not allow access... NOW i have been through multipul Techs about the situation and tried everything they have to help... Restarts,Resets,System change ect... ALL THE garbage.... THEY THEN TOLD ME THEY WOULD HELP ME SWITCH IF IT WERE BETTER FOR ME!!!!!

HOW after 10 plus years of being a customer do your just loose service Especially when your phones... Yes Phones... All 3 different makes and Models Show 4G LTE with bars but The bars have an X... And the Response i get is TOUGH SH*& ... The amount of money we As customers pay for service your would like SERVICE would be better.


I will continue to Complain about it.... Nothing will get done without multipul complaints

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Re: Service Horrible in areas where it shoudnt
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I am sorry about the situation as we always want to see you have the best experience. There are always changes that impact our network, some are controllable and others may not be. This can include cell site changes, foliage, construction, population changes, and interference. May I have the name of your city to investigate further? How far do you trravel begfore the service improves?