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I'm one of those that still uses their Note 7, because i don't live close enough to a store and get a loner, and wont spend money for the third time to get yet another phone until my pixel gets here.

The dilemma is, as everyone else is aware, come December 19th, according to the samsung site, they're pushing an update to all note7's rendering them un-chargable. So here i am, still waiting on my "pre-ordered" (What a joke) phone, and am now looking at a mid January ship date. What gives? How does Verizon offer all these amazing black friday deals and whatnot for the same exact phone that they haven't even been able to fulfill the preorders for? Not to mention the pre-order promo for the dreamview, if i remember right, the last day to send all that info in, is the last day of December.

Getting way beyond frustrated and [Removed] off at this point. Going to love this whole, "just sit here for a month without a phone" joke!

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