Simultaneous data access / hotspot & voice call capable

Hi, one of the worst things about my current phone, the Samsung Note S5, is that it does not support voice calls and data/Internet access at the same time. I often run the hot spot while travelling to provide Internet access for my laptop(s). But if I get a voice call or need to make one while I am connected to my hotspot, the phone cuts off the data/Internet connection disabling my ability to work on my computer while taking a call.

I need to know if the Google Pixel corrects this deficiency or not. My next SmartPhone must be able to support voice and data simultaneously, as my Samsung Galaxy S3 did just fine. Thanks in advance for answers.  

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Re: Simultaneous data access / hotspot & voice call capable
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Yes it does with HD Voice feature enabled on the line in your MyVerizon account online and on the phone.

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Re: Simultaneous data access / hotspot & voice call capable
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TEKMANAGER, simultaneous voice and data is a key feature that allows you to multi task, and be productive, while on the go. We are here to help out and provide additional details to supplement Ann154's correct information and tips.

Please review this link, as it provides a step by step walkthrough on how to activate HD Voice:

Were you able to activate this helpful feature on your end for your Note 5? If yes, how is everything working for you.

Please let us and the community know if you have additional questions.


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