Still no Pixel

Anyone else frustrated with Verizon's lack of communication on this issue? Not really much word from Google or HTC either. Verizon isn't offering anything to those of us that have to wait. I know I have waited as long as most but even a month is ridiculous for anyone to have to wait for a new device. I ordered mine 12/16 to replace the iPhone 7+ that I dislike. First date was 1/21/17 and now it's 2/17/17 which will mean 3 months to get a device that should have been in stock and available day one.

Verizon should step up and offer something for this outrageous delay.

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Re: Still no Pixel
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I am extremely irate!  After not getting a shipping confirmation on 1/20 (my original ship date) I called VZW.  I was told by a rep who supposedely called the inventory department, that the truck was coming in Saturday (a day late) and my phone will be shipped and received by me on Tuesday. Saturday night I received an email pushing my phone out to 2/14.  I called again and the rep said he didn't see that message on his end about my phone being pushed out.  Again, I was told I will receive my phone by Tuesday.  I just logged into my account and there is a message about my phone not being shipped on original date stated and no new date was given on the VZW site.  I am sure Google is having an issue delivering these phone, but Verizon needs to do something about it.  Ridiculous!!!

BTW, I asked the last rep to note my account that I want my activation fee waived when I receive my phone.