Store and Customer Service not on same page

I bought a Google Pixel 4 XL on March 26th when my Iphone 8plus screen broke.   I just started working from home and needed a new screen or phone fast.  Went to the Verizon store and they were out of the iphone.  So I thought I'd try a Pixel.

It's terrible.  Buggy as heck with Very poor battery life, and my Spotify was hacked while using it.

Went to return it to the store within the 14 day period, they said no in store returns due to COVID-19.  I called customer service that day to attempt to return it, and they said no because it is within the 14 day period you need to return it to the store.

Went back to the store and a different employee said, we've extended the return time, no returns until May, come back then.  Came back May 1st and I told no in-store returns at all.

Had tried quite a few times in April to get a hold of customer service unsuccessfully after that.  Finally got through this weekend through both chat and telephone.  Neither said they could help because it was just beyond the 30 day period (extended due to covid) and directed me to contact the store.

I understand with everything going on that there would be mis-communication, but I thought I was being patient and understanding and now I am stuck with a $900 phone I don't want, and I wanting to exchange it for iphone 11 pro max a more expensive phone and i can't even get someone to listen. 

Anyone else having issues like this?

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