Texts being sent but not delivered

I'm pretty sure this started right after I switched from a Postplaid family plan to a Prepaid individual plan in August. Since then, often I will send a text message, and either it will arrive several hours to a day later, or it will not be delivered at all. I text one person steadily almost every day, and it seems to occur once every day or two. Details about my device: I had a Galaxy S8 before and since November a Pixel 3a. I originally was using the Message+ app, but switched to a 3rd party messaging app to see if that would solve the issue. It did not. 

Is there a way to fix this? Or could Prepaid plans have lower priority in cell signal usage, resulting in lost texts or cell connection?

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Re: Texts being sent but not delivered
Customer Service Rep

mmcdonald695, it is of the the utmost importance that you are able to send and receive texts while utilizing our Prepaid services. I will be sending you a Private Note to best assist you.