Third bad phone

I am about to return my third bad phone. It's the Pixel 2 XL. The first one I went through tech support and thought it was fixed then started acting up again. Returned within the 14 days. Second one same thing. Got a replacement because it was within the 14 days. Now my third one is acting up. Still within the 14 days. I'm am so sick of this. I want to change to a different brand but we got the buy one get one half off promo and was told I couldn't do that. I'm taking this one in tomorrow. I really want to be rid of this Pixel and go back to Samsung. After a third bad phone, what can I do?

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Re: Third bad phone
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Getting a new phone is always exciting, yet I’m sorry this has not been the case for you and your Pixel 2 XLs. The buy one, get one half off does put a wrinkle in the options available. Unless both devices are returned and a different promotion available now is selected, it's regrettable to be limited to the Pixel 2 XL. In another thread you mentioned that you’re unable to hear calls unless on speakerphone.
If this is still the case, I found some steps to look into.
1. Go to the device Dialer
2. Select the menu (3 dots on top right corner)
3. Select Settings
4. Select Accessibility
4. Check if the Hearing aid feature is turned on. If it is, then turn it off.
Let us know your findings.


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