Trade In Promotion Not Honored on Both Phones

I traded in my Pixel 4a for the Samsung S22.  Promo offer was for $440 toward for the upgrade to the new phone.  I also traded an Iphone 8 for the Iphone 13.  Promo for that was $220.  I was able to purchase both phones via the cell app and pick them up from a local Verizon store.  Come to find out the promo's never cleared even though the new bill reflected the accurate price.  I was given $57 for one phone and around $80 for the other.  

I have spoken with 2 online reps, changed my service plan per their request, contacted the trade-in center directly who said the issue was fixed, called the support line over the weekend whom also stated the issue is showing fixed.  I am now looking at a bill of almost double what I have paid for the past 18yrs of service showing well past the "grace period" for the attempted changes. 

I need help.  Who do I talk to that has the power to override whatever is causing these "promises" to not stick.


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Re: Trade In Promotion Not Honored on Both Phones
Customer Service Rep

HlzBlz, making sure you are receiving the promotional value that you qualify for is important. Allow us the opportunity to review the details. Please send us a Private Message for further review.