Trouble with Pixel 3 dropping calls.
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Hi all, my wife and I transferred over from ATT in December and have experienced quite a few dropped calls in many different areas. We went through troubleshooting and they have no further suggestions except to pay off our phones and upgrade devices. I find this hard to believe that it only happens to us. On ATT, we had no issues on the pixel 2. I’m close to going back since ATTwill buy our contract out to get us back but wanted to see if others have had challenges. Tonight I wasted 2 hours on the phone via chat and live and finally asked for a supervisor who said I needed to speak to a network person to only throw me back into the queue to start the entire troubleshooting over, frustrating. Just looking for help from the customer side since the tech support just follows their script and says they can do nothing, I guarantee you ATT will, but I hate switching services.

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