Trusted sites/ surfing on Goggle Pixel

I changed setting on the Verizon site a few weeks ago when I found a page by accident that had "trusted sites" for browsing and check mark boxes. I thought by "unchecking them" it would simply give me the OPTION while surfing to enter or not.

It DOES NOT!! I can't get on any web pages without a pop up that it isn't a "trusted site" and it won't LET ME CHANGE IT!!

Now I can't remember how I got to the page I was on to change them back- HELP PLEASE!!

Yes, I am a rather "tech challenged" women when it comes to phones, but my 15 year old son can't figure this one out either so I don't feel so bad- LOL!!

Thank you for any help you can offer...


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Re: Trusted sites/ surfing on Goggle Pixel
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Yikes, ornurse32. I know how important it is to make sure that you are able to browse the web freely. I know without being able to search for things on my phone I would be completely lost. You've come to the right place. Let's get this taken care of. When you were doing your browsing, what search engine were you using?
I’ve sent you a private message here in the forum. Please check your inbox at to discuss further details about your concern.



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