Unable to enable wifi calling on pixel 6

I have a Google Pixel 6 bought directly from Verizon. The Verizon signal in my area is poor, so I want to enable Wifi calling. However, the option is greyed out and cannot be turned on. Google says it is a problem with the carrier (Verizon) and not the device. Can someone help me figure our why WiFi Calling is unable to be turned on? It would probably help my call quality, because the call reception is very poor on the Verizon network.

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Re: Unable to enable wifi calling on pixel 6
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I understand the great revolution with Wi-Fi calling. I show a great tip in forums:


Not sure if this is just coincidence or will actually be reproducible by others, but I was able to fix my issue with Verizon Wi-Fi calling and texting by setting my my phone to use the device's MAC instead of a random MAC.


This is a phone setting for each Wi-Fi network you save on your phone. The default is randomized MAC, which usually gives me issues with Wi-Fi calling. But on each network I have tried, when I change to using the device MAC my Wi-Fi calling has been working just fine, on the cell network icon and texts have been going through.


Have you attempted to try this option for your device? What is the address of the Verizon store you went to for your purchase?