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My husband's phone died and there are no replacements at any of the verizon stores in our area. If we purchase an unlocked phone from best buy, are we able to use it with our verizon plan?

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meggan8712, we saddened to read that your husband's phone is not functioning any longer & there aren't any VZW stores that have his phone in stock. We want to make sure we provide you with all available options. Can we ask what you mean by his phone "died"? Does it not turn on at all any longer? Is there any physical or liquid damage? Are you still within warranty with us? 


You can absolutely purchase a new phone at Best Buy, but please make sure that it is an unlocked version or a VZW branded phone. You can view if the phone that you are about to purchase is compatible with our network by clicking here https://www.verizon.com/sales/byod/devicetype.html?from=ddot&adobe_mc=MCMID%3D9073725866355159976042...



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