Updated to Pixel 6 PRO -- Need to make sure the Oneplus 8 5G UW is unlocked before donating it
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I recently updated from a OnePlus 8 5G UW to a Google Pixel 6 PRO. Yes, the Pixel is every bit as awesome as you would imagine.

My question, is the old phone, the OnePlus, properly unlocked by Verizon. I frequently help out those in need and I have a family I wish to donate my old phone to and need to make sure it's ready to go.

The OnePlus was originally purchased from Verizon last year. I'm aware of Verizon's claim that they automatically unlock all phones after 60 days of ownership. How true is that?

If it's just a "maybe" or "sometimes" kind of thing, where could I go to find out? 22 - 30 minute wait times for Verizon support is a bit much for me.

Please help. Thanks!


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