Verison lost my phone and expects me to pay for it.

Good afternoon,


I don’t know who to talk to concerning this situation, but I am very upset with Verizon.


My Pixel 4 XL was having battery issues and we initiated a claim with Verizon. As usual, you sent a reconditioned phone to my house, I swapped the sim and re-packaged the phone and sent it out the next morning using the provided return label.


I have been getting texts that we will have to pay for the phone if it is not returned. So, my wife (the account owner… we just got married last month. Name is still different) called today to find out what is going on and spoke with a manager of sorts.

  • Phone is lost in the mail
  • Verizon has no tracking info (which is dumb since you are the ones that provided the label)
  • You now want us to file a lost phone claim, pay a deductible and send a new reconditioned phone to swap out the phone I have that is working.


So I have to pay because Verizon has no tracking info, It’s my responsibility that the phone is lost, and you want me to do the same process again??


No thank you.


I want to speak to someone about this situation. If I have to pay money over this mess up, please let me know how I can quickly cancel all of my phones and service please. That is poor customer service. I have had to file claims in the past and it has always been the same process. Why this is happening is beyond me.


But you refuse to take it in the store so it can be tracked. We were informed to take it to UPS and get a receipt. If that’s the case, then why is this not the instructions for everyone? It makes sense to me.


Thank you and I hope this can get resolved properly.

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Re: Verison lost my phone and expects me to pay for it.
Customer Service Rep

Thank you so much for reaching out to us today. We truly apologize for this ordeal and we want to make sure that you get the assistance that you need. The last thing we want is for you to incur additional charges on your account. Did you drop off the device you returned at a local post office or was it a UPS or FedEx location? ~Roger