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I have the Verizon Smart Family Plan for 4.99 per month. This week, within 10 of getting to school, my son's phone becomes "unpaired" and I receive the text that his content filters are not working. OF COURSE, he denies all knowledge.  I changed my password, deleted a My Verizon app on his phone and sent him to school.  And again this morning I get the same text regarding content filters not working and go online to see that his phone is not paired again!  Any other suggestions? Could the school filtering somehow interfere with the pairing of our phones?  HELP!


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The Verizon Smart Family service offers many options such as content filtering and pairing with the child device. You’re with the right team to work with you to find out what’s going on. You made a great point regarding the school’s filtering. I know the same types of filters heavily restricted my children’s phones during that time. One way to find out if this is the case is to contact the school to learn more about their cell phone “blocking” that they may be using, and how it may affect your son’s phone. Another way to find out would be to temporarily uninstall the companion app off his phone. This would allow you to test both the effects of the school filters and the functionality of his phone without the Verizon Smart Family service. Does this all make sense? Has his phone ever given you these kinds of messages in any other locations? Aside from content filtering, how are the other aspects of Verizon Smart Family working for you?



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I have the same issues and have had it since we got it. All my kids have the app. All of my kids at some point have unpaired, but 3 of them its a daily thing. I to have changed password, even when said phone is sitting in y desk, I have removed apps from all phone, had verizon access my phone, removed apps/games from my phone and nothing has fixed this issue! Heck right now I have all games blocked from my one son, yet he is playing a game.