Verizon Trade in Program
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I've been with Verizon through my parents and on my own for quite some time now, and am wanting to use the trade-in program to move from my Pixel XL 3 to the new Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra 5G. My reason for making this post is that AT&T is offering me 350$ for my trade-in, while Verizon is only offering my 100$ for my trade-in. This will result in a significant (for me) drop in my phone bill if I switch to AT&T. I'm making this post mostly to hear from Verizon why there is such a difference in trade-in value because where it stands now I cannot justify staying with Verizon financially at this time.

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Re: Verizon Trade in Program
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Seems to be a common problem reported on here with people getting the trade in and or promotion offer some get less than promised