Verizon Up Google Pixel 3 XL Kit Super Ticket (June 2019)

Hi Everyone,

I received a free Google Pixel 3 XL Kit from a Verizon up promotion in June 2019. I wanted to make a post for any other winners/future winners of other devices.

Unfortunately, my pixel 3 XL is having charge port issues and no longer charges. I requested a repair under Google's manufacturer warranty, but their records indicated the warranty expired in October of 2019.

I contacted Verizon, but they were unable to assist. They couldn't locate the device in their records and could only show a sim swap around the date/time when I received the device. I explained the device was shipped and received from Verizon. The rep's I spoke with said they've never heard of a device being a super ticket. I explained that I did in fact receive the device and they could probably "google" it as well. I think they thought I was trying to get a device repaired that wasn't purchased from Verizon.

Long story short, I'm grateful I received the device, but for current/future winners expect to have warranty issues. I'm assuming the phones were pre-activated in order to prepare them for shipping to all the winners.

Thank you,


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Re: Verizon Up Google Pixel 3 XL Kit Super Ticket (June 2019)
Customer Service Rep

Winning a device is exciting, but we're saddened to hear you're having device issues, pixel3xl. Let's see what options we have to help with a repair or replacement. Please be on the lookout for a Private Note.