Verizon just forced me to complain to the Better Business Bureau

I have been a loyal customer of Verizon Wireless since the 1990s
and have never had reason to complain about their services until
now. I've had the same phone number, for many
years. On June 1 2022, I mailed a defective phone back to them. I
used their provided UPS shipping label and packed the unit
carefully - I am an experienced shipper and ship packages for my
home business almost every day - and placed it in the UPS drop
box at 1700 S. Lamar. Verizon claim they never received the
phone and are now threatening to cut my service if I do not
immediately pay them $700 for the defective phone. This is an
unconscionable way to treat a customer of over 25 years. I need
them to take this charge off my bill, and they will not, although I
have spent about 10 hours on the phone and on chat support
trying to resolve this issue. Why on earth would I want to keep a
defective phone? My customer support records will reveal how
defective and problematic this old phone was. I did NOT keep the
phone - it was mailed back to them and either UPS lost it or
Verizon lost it - I had a support employee tell me that they are
very behind in their returns warehouse.

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Customer Service Rep

Your loyalty means the world to us. Let's work together and find a solution to this whole situation. At this time, we have sent a Private Note. Please meet us there to continue.