Verizon reponse to device authentication problems
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Ordered and received a Google Pixel 3a XL.  On startup device asked for last 4 digits of social security number, but refused to accept data entry from keyboard.  Device then continued to process setup but failed to authenticate device on Verizon network. 

Called for technical support.  Was diverted to a text session which I could not use because the device was not authenticated.  Called customer service, and asked for callback from Technical Support.

Online found phone number to call to authenticate a device.  Process failed with a message to call technical support.

Meanwhile, tried old school trick of pulling sim card with device powered off. Then put sim card back in and powered up. device.  Success with automatic authentication, which is what should have happened in the first place, and which was confirmed by technical support when they called back later that evening.

The whole process was annoying and a huge wase of time.  Verizon should able to do better with a phone that they ship to me with a Verizon sim installed.  This experience is unacceptable.


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